Scared of the things that go bump in the night? Well, get ready for Syfy's scariest night of the season with "Ghost Hunters Halloween Live" tonight starting at 6pm Central.Jason and Grant and the rest of the Ghost Hunters team do their live show tonight from the Pennhurst State School and Hospital. At least 100 people reportedly have died on this particular property and the Ghost Hunting team are ready to spend Halloween night investigating this alleged haunted facility. This year's show will feature some new stuff you do not want to miss.

Live Event Special Features

Joint the hunt from home during the live event and put your investigative skills to the test by interacting with the exclusive special features below.

Interactive Maps

In real-time, track each of the investigator's movements as they make their way through the cavernous tunnels and halls of Pennhurst.

Live Video

Experience action from home with exclusive live video feeds. As a bonus, watch special video confessions from the investigators as they talk about their experience at Pennhurst live during the investigation.

Panic Button

If you see something, say something! Click the panic button to send red alerts to the team to possibly have your sighting investigated.

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