Happy Valentine's Day! Do you love this holiday or hate it?

I used to really look forward to this holiday. It was the one time per year that I felt loved by my significant other. But now, every day feels like Valentine's Day! It's been almost three years since I married the love of my life, Tim Raines. I never knew that love could be like this! If you are fortunate enough to be with the one you love, make sure you let them know every day (not just once per year) how important they are to you.

An encouraging word for those of you still searching....hang in there! Don't settle. Wait for the person that completes you. They are out there, looking for you! Don't let today be a source of unhappiness for you, but smirk in satisfaction that you are perfectly happy being your own Valentine until your other half shows up. Then go buy yourself some flowers because isn't a vase full of flowers the perfect centerpiece for any table? :)

Thank you for being wonderful listeners. Love you so much!