I received this email from my good friend, Chrystal. As you can see, she is very passionate about this and I join her in that passion! Please help by voting twice a day. It only takes a few seconds-literally! Thanks dear listeners! Love you! Kendra

"I need your help with a cause that is very dear to me. A community dog park is badly needed in Texarkana, but money to improve the living conditions at our shelter are needed most of all. Our shelter dogs do not have a safe place to get out of the shelter and run off-leash. Please help make this happen.

It's time to win $100,000.00 from the PetSafe Bark for Your Park Contest! PetSafe is also giving two cities/towns $25,000.00 with consideration of population and community support.
Texarkana, Arkansas is ready for its first community dog park and shelter dog park! Our City Manager has given his approval to dedicate land at Jefferson Park, or as it will be known as "JefFURson Park," for the community dog park. This dog park, located on the Partnership for the Pathway Trail, will be sectioned off for lage, medium and small dogs and will include an agility course. There will be ample room for you and your canine companion to exercise and socialize. It may even help with tourism, as travelers need a place to exercise their dogs, too.
The best part is that we also want to create an outside fenced in play area at the Animal Care and Adoption Center of Texarkana with a portion of the winnings. Our shelter dogs desperately need a safe place to run off-leash and play with volunteers or potential owners. As of now, the shelter dogs can escape from their slip leads and run into nearby traffic whenever they are brought outside to play. An outside play area may also help bring in the people who don't like to go into the shelter because it makes them feel too sad.
With $100,000 or even $25,000.00 we can make the most of the money by not only serving the general public's need for a safe off-leash dog park, but also creating a stress-free and safe environment for the dogs that need it most at the shelter outside play area. Please vote for Texarkana, Arkansas and help our shelter, which serves Miller County, Arkansas and Bowie County, Texas by clicking on the link bellow.

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Thank you!
Chrystal Sloan