I was befriended on Facebook this morning by "Texarkana Critic" and I wanted to share this page with our listeners. It's a page where local residents can go to tell others about their experiences with local businesses, whether good or bad.

I think this is a great idea. This page provides an outlet for all of us to tell others about our experiences while out dining, shopping, etc. in Texarkana, and you have to think that the more residents who participate the better.

Before you go there blasting away at a local business though... I urge people to let the management of any business know about a bad experience BEFORE going around and telling everybody else and potentially harming their business. It should be common courtesy to allow a local owner/management the opportunity to make a bad situation right.

So, go befriend "Texarkana Critic" and let everyone know about your experiences doing business around Texarkana.