Do you believe in things that go bump in the night? Have you ever experienced a ghostly encounter? With the highly successful television show "Ghost Hunters" and other paranormal shows, more people today seem to fascinated with things that can't be explained. The Perot Theatre is one of those places right here in our home town that has  had reported paranormal activity through the years. It wouldn't surprise me given the past history of the theatre. There have been many people including famous people who have walked the aisles of this historic place in Texarkana.

I can remember going here as a child watching John Wayne movies with my parents many years ago when it was the Paramount Theatre. Still today when I attend an event there, I'm flooded with great memories of this spectacular venue but have I seen any ghosts? None yet!

So mark your calendars for Friday and Saturday August 16-17 because the Perot Theatre will be offering  Ghost tours. This tour is expected to help you learn more about some of the ghostly sightings in the historic rooms and passages of the Perot.

Tours scheduled every hour, on the hour starting at 8:30PM both days. The last tour is at 11:30PM. Tickets for the tour are $10 per person and drink concessions will be for sale.

So if you feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck it just might be a ghost. BOO!