I did something I never do Saturday night.  I turned the Arkansas vs Florida game off during the second half. I just couldn't stomach another minute of that thrashing the Hogs were taking. This morning I checked my favorite Hog message board site expecting to see the multiple "fire pel!" threads and my fellow Hog brethren didn't disappoint. "Bring back Mike Anderson" one poster angrily typed.. "Mike Long owes the fans an explanation about why this is allowed to continue" chimed in another..

Sigh... My goodness people.. nobody expected this team to do much this year. We're undersized, we have ONE, count em, ONE decent shooter (easy to defend a team with only one outside threat), and a lot of young guys still trying to learn the system. If this team can find a way to win 16-17 games, this year will be a success IMO. I still think a late season run is possible, IF one or two of the younger guys can step up and help take some of the pressure off of Clarke.

Unfortunately, It's a "what have you done for me lately" world though and fans are starting to grumble louder and louder for Pelphrey to be replaced. I really hope Long sticks to his guns and lets Pelphrey finish what he started. He's put a lot of work into the program over the past three years and deserves the chance to be rewarded for his labors. I'll point out that at South Alabama, his teams were sub-500 for his first three seasons before winning 20+ games the last two seasons he was there. He's been in this situation before, he knows how to rebuild a program. Can Jeff Long hold off the big money donors long enough to let Pel prove to skeptical Hog fans he can get it done here though? We shall see.