So your getting married and your trying to make sure your perfect day goes the way you planned it. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. The story you are about to read makes you think twice about getting hitched.

A newlywed couple, Stefan and Erika Svanstrom, decided to travel around the world for four months after getting married in Stockolm last December. A trip abroad, with their baby girl, seemed like the perfect honeymoon. But it turned out to be everything but perfect as they unfortunately encountered six major natural disasters. Everything started when their connection in Munich got canceled because of a snowstorm that paralyzed airports for several days. And when they finally reached Australia, it was to deal with cyclone Stacy, Brisbane floods and Perth bush fires. No time to rest as they headed to New Zealand just after the important earthquake that shook Christchurch, and before taking off to Japan -- of course you know the end of that story. Fortunately none of them was ever in any danger.

Has anything strange or funny happen on your honeymoon?