I am so impressed by these pics....

and NOT because they were all taken by my hubby. :) It's because I think he has an amazing eye and I wanted to share it with YOU, my wonderful listener.

For Tim's 40th birthday last year, I got him a nice camera. He has always shown an interest in photography, and I felt like it was time that he stepped up from taking pix with his phone. ha! Here are a few examples of his work:

Kendra jumping/Tim Raines

He told me to JUMP for JOY, so I thought about how happy I am to be married to him and did just that!

Lucy/Tim Raines

This is our oldest dog, Lucy. And no, that Mr. Peanut wasn't photoshopped in. Tim meticulously cut it out of a magazine just for this shot. :)

Rubber Ducky/Tim Raines

This was taken outside of my restaurant in Gurdon at sunup. It always makes me think of that song "Convoy" (This here's Rubber Duck, and I'm about to put the Hammer Down).

He also took the pic at the top of this page. It's me, looking out over the Grand Canyon. It was a very life changing moment for me and I'm so glad he caught it.

Over the weekend, I helped him create a website to showcase some of his work. He has so much more that we will continue to add, but we thought this was a good start. Please click below and check out more of his work and let me know what you think.

OK-Proud wifey moment over. ;)

Happy Thursday!