I am thankful for furry friends, one in particular because I see him everyday at work, my good friend Ranger. We've gotten really tight over the last year.

I know I am truly blessed with a great family, and people friends. I got a job. I got decent health, a lot to be thankful for, but at the time of the question, I was hanging out with Ranger my German Shepard buddy. Ranger seemed to sense what I was going through after I lost my best friend Cletus, and he went out of his way to pay me a little special attention every day. Of course, his mama gets a little upset when he breaks from her to run and see me, but it has gotten to be pretty comical. In Ranger's giving me extra attention like he does I think we have created a very special friendship, keeping in mind the idea that you don't make friends, but become friends over time.

When I get to the stations, it's about time for Ranger to make a potty run, so we go out back and take care of business, but for fun we chase some squirrels, and walk around a bit. When we make our way back into the studios he will go and nose out of his corner whatever toy it is we want to play with that day, and we head to the big (sound proof) production room, and there we spend a few minutes barking. (He's not allowed to bark at any other time, and he is very well trained for that and most always behaves.)

Well, over my years I have learned one very important thing and that is if a dog picks you to play... PLAY. Trust me when I tell you that it will do a lot more for you than it does for the dog, I promise.

So, this year I am thankful that Ranger picked me.