The tornado that hit Joplin, MO on Sunday night has, at last count, claimed 123 lives. There are almost 1500 people currently missing or unaccounted for. Countless numbers of families have lost their homes, their businesses and have nothing. Here are some ways you can help.The quickest and easiest way to help is to donate money. The American Red Cross has setup a pager where you can donate a minimum of $10.00 on your debit or credit card. The Red Cross will use the money raised to purchase supplies and basic necessities for those affected.

Volunteers are needed to help find people and take care of the wounded as they are located. If you are CERT trained, have first aid or a medical background, contact the Red Cross and they can provide you more information.

They're also in desperate need of O Negative Blood. If you just happen to be going up to the Springdale/Bentonville area, you can donate blood there.