Have you been watching ABC's Dancing with the Stars this season? Last night (4/2) country star Wynonna was sent home packing, so now it looks like Kellie Pickler will be the lone country artist vying for the mirror ball trophy. I think Kelli has a  good shot of winning it all this season. She's poised, focused, has determination and so far looks almost like a pro when she's out on the dance floor. At the beginning of the series Kelli said she was determined to take the mirrored ball back to Nashville. What she didn't say is if she were to win, she is getting a new tattoo with her friend Kree Harrison who is also competing on this seasons American Idol on FOX. According to E!, the word is if they both win, they are going to get matching TATS. However, no word on what the tattoos will be as of yet.

Pickler a former idol contestant herself gave some advice to Kree, telling her  that it is important to “stay true to who you are.” The two hung out together recently in L.A. in between rehearsals.

Catch Kellie compete on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars on Mondays and Tuesdays, and see how Kree performs on FOX’s American Idol tonight (4/3) at 7 Central.

I'm going out on a limb early but unless something unforeseen happens I think this competition is going to come down to Kellie or Zendaya. What do you think?

Check out Kellie in her most recent performance on Dancing with the Stars.