My wife works for Kohl's and their company has a program called 'Kohl's Cares' (committed to kids health and education) in which employees of the store are asked to do volunteer work for a local children's charity or event in our community. Recently, my wife asked me if I would be willing to go along and support her at an event for physical, social and mentally disabled kids at the Runnin' WJ Ranch in Texarkana.For those who may not know, Runnin' WJ Ranch is a center for therapeutic horse back riding for physically handicapped kids from Pre-K , elementary, middle school, junior high and high school. I must say I was thoroughly impressed by the professionally trained staff at the ranch. They were very attentive in meeting the needs of the children who were there. First- most they were really concerned with the safety of the kids, making sure that each saddle fit the child who rode the horse. After a small riding lesson on leading the horses the fun started for the children.

Every horse that I saw was very gentle and well maintained by the trainers and staff. The smile on some of the kids faces were priceless. In talking with one of the staff members she told me that therapeutic horse riding helps strengthen the core of the body and the back. And the children wind up having a special bond with their horse. The world can be cruel to these kids but when they come to their riding session they are treated special.

The walking trail that we went on at the Runnin' WJ Ranch was awesome! It was probably around a one mile walk each time. I've been walking lately and was afraid I wasn't going to get my exercise that day, but believe me I did, several times.

Once the ride began I was impressed by the staff on how they continued to interact with the kids during the ride that went over a bridge and thru the woods. The Kohl's staff did a wonderful job in leading the horses and talking with the kids. And when all was said and done, Sam Clem the director of the ranch had everyone join hands for a circle of prayer. What a great way to end a enjoyable day!

I have to admit I went there not knowing what to expect, but came away with a smile on my face as well. Runnin' WJ Ranch is doing some good things for kids with special needs in our community. Hat's off to the entire staff for a great job done!

The ranch is always looking for volunteers to help with these rides.

I posted some photos and video of the ride I hope you enjoy!

Photos by:KKYR


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