It's always amazing to me when I hear about good deeds being done for the less fortunate right here in our community. A local ministry headed up by Corey and Matt Graves of Texarkana has put together an organization called "Laces Of Grace" that provides family with kids in need... SHOES.Last year families lined up for blocks and stood in line for hours to get a pair of shoes for their children for school. Thanks to "Laces Of Grace" they were able to provide over 2100 pairs of shoes for local children in need

This year - for their second year, Crockers is partnering with "Laces of Grace" to reach even more

families.  Crockers has started a promotion to get people to like their Facebook page and for each

additional like Crockers will donate $1 in their name up to $3000.

This year's event will take place on Saturday, August 6th, from 8am-2pm at Rose Hill Baptist Church.

Check out this Youtube video from last year...

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