We've all heard it's never polite to ask a woman's age, but there is a lot of talk about Loretta Lynn. Country fans have always heard that Loretta was married at 13 and was a mother of four by 18.

Well, turns out she was a little older, or was she?

Miss Lynn’s birth certificate on file at the state Office of Vital Statistics in Frankfort, Ky., shows that Loretta Webb was born on April 14, 1932, in Johnson County, Ky. That makes her 80 years old, not 77. Also on file is her marriage license and two affidavits from her mother, Clara Marie Ramey, and S.W. Ward Jr., who was not related to the family, listing the same birthdate.

There is the possibility that the age on her birth certificate was changed for marriage purposes. The document wasn't actually filled out until 1965. In the early 1930's, before Social Security,  it was not a common practice for parents to register the birth of their children.

It would have been illegal for a girl under the age of 14 to marry in Kentucky in 1948, said R. Eric Henninger of the Kentucky State Law Library. At that time, he said, “lots of folks didn’t have any sort of official proof of age.”

Loretta's spokesperson, Nancy Russell, is not commenting. If fact, she was told by Loretta Lynn that if she was asked about her age,  "tell them it's none of their business." I love it! You go Girl!

It doesn't matter to me! Whether Loretta is 77 or 80, she is still a legend!