See that poor baby? Thanks to Dawn Smith this little sweetie, Bridgette , now looks like this.....

Happy Dog/Facebook

Look how happy she is! Here is a little background from Cheyenne Moles, from Maud, Texas:

Recently I came across two dogs that had been dumped at the Redwater Bridge, outside of Texarkana.  One dog had already died and the other was in very bad shape laying beside her dead mate.  We immediately turned around and went and got food and water for this precious dog.  Then I got on the phone and started calling any shelter or rescuer I could find.  After many failed attempts and being told I could have them rescued for $75, I finally found a precious soul named Dawn Smith from Redwater.

Dawn immediately drove to the bridge just to check on the abused dog and could not leave her there.  She has been in her rescue since that day.  She has had a lot of vet bills, including antibiotics for a severe jaw infection, worm treatments, and now has started heart worm treatments.  She must be kenneled for 3 weeks and this sweet lady could use help with the funds. "

Cheyenne is putting together a raffle for gift cards and prizes to different places around Texarkana to help Dawn. Click the link below for more information and to donate if you can.

Click here to make a donation or for information on giving Bridgette a forever home.

There are several dog rescues in our area that could always use donations of money or dog food or dog supplies. If you would like to help any of them, I've listed several links below to help you learn more about them. Thanks for being awesome!

Happy Friday!


Muttley Crew Rescue

The Poodle Patch Rescue

Jeff Tarpley Rescue

If you know of any others, please leave a comment below with a link to their page.

Please keep West, Texas and Boston in your thoughts and prayers over the weekend. Thank you to everyone that donated blood yesterday-you are fabulous!


Here is the BEFORE pic again of Bridgette:


Cheyenne Moles/Facebook