Texas Longhorn Head Coach Mack Brown is complaining about the upside down "Hook Em' Horns" sign again and is taking his whining to a new level.

During his weekly news conference this week, he said the upside down "Hook Em'" sign is "disrespectful" and something the league should discuss. He's actually suggesting the league do something about it (as in, penalize teams for doing it).

Ronald Martinez / Getty Sport

To which I say, boo frickety hoo Mack.

Funny, I didn't hear Mack say one word about his own player holstering his guns during their win over Texas Tech (mocking the Red Raiders "Guns Up" sign) (the player was warned the first time and flagged the second time). Haven't heard Mack once complain about Texas fans chanting "OU Sucks" (no matter who they're playing it seems).

If it's done on the field, towards an opposing player (whether it be the upside down "Hook Em" or mocking the "Guns Up" sign), it should be a penalty, period. If a player (or coach for that matter) does it on the sideline towards their own fans or players, big deal... let it go. The upside down "Hook Em'" sign has been going on as long as the "Hook Em Horns" sign has been around (since the 50's!). You own most of your opponents on the field Coach Brown, why worry about such trivial little things?

I think even my Longhorn friends would agree, how about you worry more about getting your team ready to play big games and less about who's flashing the upside down "Hook Em'" sign, coach??

Maybe Mack should take up fencing... I hear it's a gentleman's sport.

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