As most of you know according to the Mayan Calendar and many world scientist the end of the world is coming this year. You can't turn on the news or change a channel lately without seeing someone speak about the Apocalypse. And if you haven't heard, there is a group of survivalist who are being called "Preppers.

Preppers have been in the process of turning their sheds, garages, basements and other parts of their life into staging areas for when the world turns to dust. Preppers have been stockpiling freeze-dried food, cartons of canned chicken with a shelf life of 15 years, survival gear, a system for purifying polluted water, first aid kits and lots of weapons and ammunition.

The National Geographic Channel has a new show about preppers which debuted last night (Tuesday).

If the world does come to an end What one thing would you like to keep if you happen to survive such an event?

(source:national geographic channel)