Ever wanted to go skydiving? You might rethink that again after seeing what one skydiver saw as he took the plunge to earth.Imagine falling at a high rate of speed and enjoying the view below and then suddenly out of nowhere a black rock goes hurling by barely missing you.

Fact or Fiction: Some people are skeptical that it really happened at all and the debate is on. The video which was shot back in 2012 of a Norway skydiver is just now being released and has gone viral on the net.

The skydiver says he didn't see it during the dive, it was only when he watched back the video where he saw what looks like a chunk of black rock or some type of object. I'm surprised no one has screamed UFO. The object supposedly is a meteorite that flies by him barely missing contact. That would have sucked!

The controversy comes from researchers who have looked for the meteorite but have had no luck tracking it down. If you notice, the rock wasn't on fire but some have dismissed that as a possibility, saying some meteorites slow down entering the atmosphere thus making the burning rock fizzle out.

What do you think? What are the astronomical chances that you would get hit by a meteorite while skydiving? Only if you lived through would it make a great story!