How many times have you've seen one of those old timey photograph studios where you can dress up  like a old outlaw or gangster and get a old looking photograph. Well, look no more there is a new website called MugShot Yourself that will do all that for you.

It's all to help promote a new BBC series called 'Copper,' on the website you will be able to take a photo of yourself and blend it together with vintage mug shots, courtesy of Mark Michaelson's "Least Wanted" collection.

It's what's kind of scary, after being photographed, a swipe through happens showing the type of mugshot coming your way and soon your face is digitally mixed with a bad-looking criminal from the past.


Here's what's even more scary Mugshot Yourself uses's facial recognition technology to gather information about angles and rotations of your face. (What!) along with lighting conditions in the room you are in.

With technology like this, it’s no wonder Tupac is still performing concerts.

Check out this awesome video which shows the face substitution technique in action.

Pretty wild, isn’t it? Now, we’re sure you’re dying to check out MugShot Yourself.

And, of course, Kim Kardashian…