In researching my family history, I've found a really neat family connection!

It appears none other than the "Man In Black" himself, Johnny Cash is my 3rd cousin.. 2x removed.. details, details. I'm related to Johnny Cash!

As proof.. I submit the family connection...

John "Johnny" R. Cash (1932 - 2003)
is your 3rd cousin 2x removed

Carrie Cloveree Rivers (1904 - 1991)
Mother of John "Johnny" R.
John Lewis Rivers (1866 - 1947)
Father of Carrie Cloveree
Lydia Jane Massey (1835 - 1897)
Mother of John Lewis
William Lawrence Massey (1813 - 1862)
Father of Lydia Jane
Austin Henry Massey (1835 - 1920)
Son of William Lawrence
Rachel Christian Massey (1858 - 1931)
Daughter of Austin Henry
Edwin Booth (1876 - 1919)
Son of Rachel Christian
Homer Edwin (1908 - 1996)
Son of Edwin Booth
Karen (1954 - )
Daughter of Homer Edwin
Scott (1973-)
You are the son of Karen
Maybe it's just me, but I think that is SO COOL! Looks like Johnny's Great Grandfather and my Great Great Grandfather all knew and lived around the same people. They all migrated to Arkansas around the same time towards the end of the civil war and both Johnny's and my great-grandfathers married into the Massey family either right before going to Arkansas or soon after. It appears my great-great grandfather served with several of the Massey boys (including Johnny's great-grandfather) in the civil war.
Have you found someone famous in your family tree?? If so, share it with us!!