Before there was American Idol, The Voice, X-Factor there was American Bandstand hosted by Dick Clark. Every Saturday morning I would tune into ABC-TV to watch Dick Clark countdown America's biggest pop hits mixed with live entertainment and lots of dancing by teenagers. Well, according to ABC News "America's Oldest Teenager" has passed away at the age of 82.Dick Clark was an American institution bringing his down to earth, upbeat personality to millions of Americans each week. I can honestly say that one of my early influences growing up was Dick Clark, he made me want to get in this business they called RADIO. I always enjoyed listening to his smooth delivery and watching the way he interacted with his audience.

Of course, Dick Clark went on to become one of broadcasting's biggest icon on the radio and on television. He developed his own production company 'Dick Clark Productions' that produced countless TV shows, specials, award shows and 'New Year's Rockin' Eve. There was a time I can remember you couldn't turn on the television without seeing Dick Clark.

Many folks including myself wondered how he kept his youthful looks for so many years, maybe because he worked with so many teenagers over the years, it kept him looking young.

Sad to say, back in 2004 Dick Clark had a stroke he slowly recovered from and eventually made it back to television. It was apparent that the stroke caused him to have a slight speech impediment but Dick never lost his enthusiasm for what he loved to do.  According to sources, Dick Clark passed away of a heart attack.

Can't help to think a little bit of American history died today. I can still the American Bandstand theme and see that cool white microphone he used to talk into.  A true America Pioneer who introduced American music to the world. REST IN PEACE!

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