After this past weekend's games, the bowl picture is a little clearer for SEC teams. Here's a breakdown of the bowl selection order for the SEC and my predictions for each bowl.

Presuming LSU beats Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.


BCS National Title Game - LSU vs Alabama.


The Capital One Bowl has to select the team with the best overall record OR a team within one game of having the best record from all remaining SEC teams after BCS selections have been made. This year, they can select from either Arkansas, Georgia and South Carolina (all with 10 wins).

My prediction: Georgia


The Cotton Bowl then has it's pick of bowl eligible west teams. Presuming the Capital One picks Georgia, the two remaining West teams this year would be Arkansas and Auburn.  If a suitable west team is not available, the Cotton can invite a team from the East AFTER the Outback makes its selection.

My prediction Arkansas. (Note: Many are predicting K-State to go to the Cotton Bowl, but I think it will end up being Oklahoma. Obviously, if they beat Oklahoma State this coming weekend they'll play in the Fiesta Bowl as the Big 12 Champ, but if they lose the Cotton has the first choice of Big 12 teams and I think they would love an Arkansas-Oklahoma match-up. )


The Outback Bowl has the next selection of SEC teams. They can select a team from either division, but generally invite East teams.

My prediction: South Carolina.


The Chik-Fil-A Bowl picks next from all remaining teams.

My prediction - Auburn


The Gator Bowl then selects from any teams remaining.

My prediction - Florida


The Music City and Liberty Bowls then work with the SEC to pick any remaining SEC teams. The only two teams remaining at this point would be Vandy and Mississippi State.
My prediction: Music City - Vandy, Liberty - Mississippi State


The Compass Bowl gets any team remaining. If an SEC team is not available, they pick from the Sun Belt Conf... There will be no 9th team bowl eligible this year in the SEC.


Note: IF Georgia beats LSU in the SEC Championship Game, there is still a good possibility LSU could play Alabama for the National Championship. In that scenario, Georgia would play in the Sugar Bowl. The Capital One Bowl would then have to choose either Arkansas or South Carolina. I STILL think the Capital One will pass over the Razorbacks, mainly because of how few Hog fans made the trip to Orlando last time they played there.


One other note concerning bowl payouts. I've heard many Razorback fans complain this weekend that "settling" for the Cotton Bowl will lose the University money in bowl payouts. This is not the case. Bowl revenue is split evening among all 12 SEC schools.  So, whether the Hogs play in the Sugar Bowl (17 Mil payout) or the Liberty Bowl (1.75 Mil Payout) or sit at home, their share of bowl revenue is the same.