On Monday, The NCAA sent a strongly worded "Notice of Allegations" to Ohio State. In it, the NCAA accused Coach Jim Tressel of lying to and withholding information from the NCAA.

Ohio State avoided the dreaded "Lack of Institutional Control" charge, mainly because the NCAA acknowledged that Ohio State officials did not know of the wrong doing by Buckeye players due to Tressel withholding information from them, but still was warned that the violations relating to their head coach were considered "potential major violations" .

I really don't see how Ohio State can move forward with Jim Tressel remaining as their head coach. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Buckeyes will have to forfeit last years wins, including their 7th straight Big Ten Title and their Sugar Bowl Trophy. Most likely the NCAA is going to impose some other sanctions on the University in addition to that. Tressel has admitted lying, covering up his players violations and then playing the players. I don't see how Ohio State will be left with much choice but to send Tressel packing.