Have you seen, or heard, the latest neighborhood noisemaker? It's called Turbospoke -- a fake noisy exhaust system for your kids' bicycle.

Think of it as a commercial update to sticking baseball cards through your spokes. It uses one of three different cards (each makes a different sound) coupled to an "exhaust pipe" that acts as an amplifier. I wonder would it be like in my neighborhood when I was kid if I had  the Turbospoke. Probally giving away my age here, but in my childhood days I had what they called a Spider Bike. No, it had nothing to do with Spiderman it was just a bike with monkey handle bars and a seat shaped like a banana. How they ever came up with the name Spider Bike still puzzles me today. But I have to admit they were great for popping wheelies! Would you buy a Turbospoke?

(source: youtube.com)