The Fourth of July has come and gone but not without a little bang. Maybe you went somewhere to watch a fireworks show or maybe you watched the neighbors fireworks show from your backyard. Hopefully, they didn't charge you to watch!You know who I'm talking about, there's always that one neighbor who is the Clark Griswold of fireworks. You know the guy you see at the firework store buying up all the latest fireworks in huge bulk so that he can put his own show on because he thinks he's a pyrotechnic. Evidently, there must be one of those guys in my neighborhood because it sounded like bombs going off every few minutes the other night.

Well, don't know if you heard about the one guy NOT in this area who asked his kids to go door to door and help pay for the cost of his fireworks. His thinking was that the entire neighborhood was benefiting from watching his show each year that it was costing him too much money to do this and he may not be able to buy fireworks any longer.

Are you kidding me? This is the same guy who throws a private party with fireworks for his personal friends NOT neighbors, and now he wants his surrounding neighbors to pay for it! Seriously???