Did you watch the last presidential debate last night? If so, who do you think won last night's final debate?Most reports say that Obama cleanly won last night's debate, but I guess it all doesn't really matter because if you ask kids, the choice of who the president should be has already been made. In a recent poll online for Nickelodeon, more than 520,000 kids picked President Obama to WIN.

• 65 percent chose President Barack Obama, while 35 percent chose former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

• Since it began in 1988, the kids have presaged the adults' vote all but once, when more youngsters voted for John Kerry over George W. Bush in 2004.

• Obama answered questions submitted by Nickelodeon viewers for a special earlier this month.

• Romney didn't participate. John Kerry was the only other candidate ever to decline the interview.

As a kid: What is the first thing you would change if you were elected president?

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