Starting May 15th, Nintendo is dropping the price of the Wii to $150.00 and is also offering a new line of cheaper games.

Last month, Nintendo announced that next year the Wii will have a successor and in June plans to unveil a playable model of the new system.

We bought our kids a Wii for Christmas and, sad to say, my sons original XBOX gets more action than it does. It's fun for family nights (bowling tournaments, etc), but as a solo gaming console it gets old pretty quick. I do like that fact that it has built in WiFi and we can watch Netflix movie's on it, but so can the XBOX 360 and it has high definition video.

I'm sure Nintendo's latest greatest game console set to be released next year will be the "it" gaming console for Christmas 2012, but I think we'll just stick with XBOX at my house.

What's your favorite gaming console?