The Arkansas Razorbacks defeated the Kansas State Wildcats 29-16 Friday night at Cowboys Stadium to win the 76th Annual At&T Cotton Bowl Classic. And as promised I made a little bet with Ron Bird General Manager of Townsquare Media-KKYR.The bet was if his alma mater K-State wins I wear a K-State shirt and post a photo and if the hogs win, then he would have to wear a Razorback cap and take a photo.

Friday, Ron sent me a text with the words EMAW and a photo of himself inside Cowboys Stadium with a bunch of other K-Staters. I knew EMAW must be something that K-State says, and sure enough it means "Every Man A Wildcat". I text him back and said I think you meant "Whoo Pig Sooie" for which I got no reply.

So since I won the bet he must at least for a day be a EMAR "Every Man A Razorback". It's not too late to convert boss-man and become a Wild Hog.

Notice he just couldn't give up the purple shirt!

Here's some game highlights from