After a return trip from band camp in Conway, Ark. we decided to take the kids to Little Rock and spend the weekend for just a little time away. My wife and I really enjoyed going to the Little Rock Zoo which has a new exhibit called Penguin Point the exhibit was built to look like an old overturned boat in which you had to walk under to get to the underwater view of the penguins. The Little Rock Zoo has made several improvements and even has a Cheetah exhibit coming in July. We got there just in time to watch them feed the gorillas fruit. That was pretty interesting because one orangutang picked up only the strawberries in the mix of fruit that was thrown by one of the zoo keepers. It was very hot Saturday but their were plenty of tree  lined shade and mist sprays along the way to keep you cool. My favorite ape was the silver back gorillas I could watch them for hours they just fascinate me.

Finally, yesterday on our way out we decided to go to the Old Mill in North Little Rock. The Old Mill was built in the 1930s and was featured in the opening scene of the classic movie "Gone With The Wind." The design of the mill is really impressive with a mixture of stone and rock formations and man-made tree-like bridges that gives it a feel of stepping back in time. Between the water wheel and green ponds loaded with goldfish and turtles leading to a larger lake, it gives off a Norman Rockwell vibe.

If you want a very unique place to visit I highly recommend you visit the Old Mill which is located in a tree lined residential area. Take a picnic basket and enjoy the park benches throughout the park setting.

Here's some photos of my family and a video From YouTube.