Without their coach knowing about it, the Olivet Middle School Eagles pulled off one of the greatest football plays you will see, and changed the life of one young man forever. This is one of the best stories you will see today.

The whole team was in on the plan, that was put together behind the coach's back. "The Play" was actually two parts. Part one was that the Eagles wanted to get as close to the goal line as possible without scoring. Even if it meant taking a dive on the one yard line, which they did. Upsetting the crowd, that like the coaches had no idea what was going on. The second part, was to get a very special young man to score his first touchdown.

Keith Orr is mentally challenged, but one of the sweetest kids you will ever hear of. He loves his teammates, and they love him right back. So, that is why they all pulled together and helped Keith get a touchdown... they "wanted to make him happy", and they did.

Not only did they help Keith get his touchdown, but in the video you can see just how protective of him the team was in the process. This just tells us that today, most of the kids are still alright. Take a second to watch this video on the story, then share it, maybe even more good will come from it.