Last year my husband, John, and I went to Atlanta, Georgia to visit an old friend of his. We of course had a blast, but the cool thing was the guest room we stayed in was all decked out in Paula Deen furniture!

At the time I had no idea she had a line of furniture and the only place I knew to get it around here was online! So, you can imagine my surprise when I went to Hank's Fine Furniture and found out that they carry Paul Deen furniture!

I was also surprise to find out that Paula filmed a commercial for Hank's!

Love her furniture and love her cooking too! Yum! Check out her Macaroni and Cheese!

Hank's Fine Furniture is having their Annual Super Sale right now where you can save 20% to 30% off all the floor displays! Including...yes...Paula Deen Furniture!

Hank's Fine Furniture - 502 Walton Drive, Texarkana