A central Pennsylvania Pastor, who told a whopper of a Navy Seals tale to his congregation and local newspaper after reports came out of Bin Ladens death at the hands of a Seals team, has fessed up and admitted his story was completely fabricated.

The fibs, concocted by Jim Moats, pastor at Christian Bible Fellowship Church in Newville, Penn., included tales of his time as a Navy Seal and being subjected to waterboarding during his training. He even claimed to have worn the elite program's gold Trident medal around town. Come to find out, Moats has never been a Navy Seal, nor did he even know what it takes to be a Navy Seal. He purchased the Trident at a military surplus store.

I would actually like to see a video of his apology to his congregation. Then, I'd like to see a few war veterans stand up and give him a piece of their mind. That would be quite entertaining.