During the 2007 season, Razorback fans were divided over whether Houston Nutt should be fired or not. The discussions on message boards and in coffee shops around the state were heated and both camps firmly held their ground. Today, the fan base is divided again as we wait for an announcement on Petrino's future at Arkansas.


A war is being fought in Arkansas. In coffee shops and on Razorback message boards, the battle of words when it comes to discussing the Petrino situation is heating up and the longer it takes Athletic Director Jeff Long to make a decision on Petrino's future, the worse this war of words is going to get.

In 2007, a similar war was being raged as one group of fans was attempting to run Houston Nutt off while other groups were either defending Nutt or urging anti-Nutt factions to back off and allow the powers that be in Fayetteville to make their own decisions on Nutt's future as the Head Hog. This war is still going on today in the Petrino debate, as the anti-Nutt factions are going out of their way now to defend Petrino and those who were pro-Nutt (or impartial) are the ones saying Petrino should be fired or urging others to let Jeff Long do his job and support his decision.

This could get ugly if Mr Long doesn't announce a decision soon. No matter what decision he ultimately makes there are going to be hard feelings so the sooner they can make the call, the sooner  this drama can start to calm down.

A little birdy told me that Long has completed his investigation and the board of trustees has been meeting to discuss his findings. I hope this is true and an announcement is coming shortly. We'll update you as soon as we hear something.