Yesterday we found out that Brad Paisley is appearing in commercials for "Jack in the Box".
The first of three ads started running earlier this month in the Southwest. The third commercial will go national next week.

Unfortunately, since we don't have a "Jack in the Box" here in Texarkana, I seriously doubt we'll  see the commercials on T.V.  Dang, why don't we have a "Jack in the Box"?

Brad's co-star is none other then "Jack" himself, which by the way, as a kid, I loved the "Jack" at the drive-thru, but in human form on these spots? Kinda creepy!  On the other hand, Brad is  ADORABLE as always!

Take a look at the first commercial below!

Brad is excited to be a part of the commercials:

“I’ve always liked Jack in the Box’s clever, irreverent advertising and the personality of its slightly offbeat founder, Jack,” said Paisley in a media statement. “When they asked me to be part of this campaign, I was flattered.”

Take a look at the first commercial below!


Watch the Brad Paisley Jack in the Box Commercial

via Brad Paisley Endorses Jack In The Box In New Ad Campaign.