You have to watch this video about Tessa. Look at that face! What a precious baby. Can you believe that when these caring and wonderful people found her in a shelter she was blind and could not stand or walk. Through a lot of love and patience, Tessa was completely healed and you wouldn't even recognize her as the same dog that was hours away from being euthanized. Please watch the video below, but be warned-you might need some tissue-I did!


Wasn't that amazing? Sniffle. Such an inspiration. If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family please consider adoption. There are so many animal rescue groups in our area that can help you connect with the perfect pet. Plus the Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana is waving their adoption fee for the rest of February. They are located at 203 Harrison Street in Texarkana.

Here are some links for a few rescue groups that I know of in the Texarkana area.

If you know of others, please comment on this blog with the link so it will be available for all those that read. Please remember to spay & neuter!

Wasn't that video awesome?