Apparently, Oklahoma City Schools have a dress code that prohibits students from wearing shirts bearing the name or logo of college teams that AREN'T from Oklahoma.

A five year old at one Oklahoma City school recently found this out the hard way. Cooper Barton showed up at kindergarten this week with a Michigan shirt on and was forced to go behind a tree, take it off and turn it wrong side out. Obviously, his mother has protested and says the school should focus more on academics.

The good news is, this has prompted school officials to review the policies, which were adopted with the help of local gang task force. The superintendent, Karl Springer, thinks the policy might be outdated and issued the following statement:

"This has presented an opportunity to review the current OKCPS District Dress Code Policy that has been in place since 2005. It states that clothing bearing names or emblems of all professional and collegiate athletic teams (with the exception of Oklahoma colleges and universities) are prohibited. In cooperation with the Oklahoma City Police Department Gang Task Force, the policy was approved in 2005 after concerns that nationwide gangs used popular sports clothing to represent individual gangs. As when any policy is questioned; OKCPS administration will review the policy to determine if changes need to be made." –Karl Springer, Superintendent


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Discuss below! Personally, I'd have no problem with Alabama or LSU apparel being banned in Arkansas schools. :)