Here's a recipe for a "Green Cocktail" you could serve at your St. Patrick's Day party that comes to us straight from Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar & Grill".  It's called "Swamp Water".

You should serve it up in a mason jar, but since it's Toby Keith's recipe, I guess it would probably be alright to drink it from a Red Solo Cup.

1.25 ounces - Wild Shot Silver
2.25 ounces - Apple Pucker
.75 ounces - Simple Syrup Splash of Midori
Fill with Sweet & Sour Mix Float lime juice, garnish with 2 limes and a cherry.
Add 2 drops of green food coloring to darken the green (optional)

However, at this time I would like to remind you of my list of Drinks Real Men Should Never Order ...Just drink them at home... :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!