School Bans Cokes at Football Games [POLL]
Alright, I understand it's good for kids to eat healthy at school, but I think the public schools in Portland Maine have lost it! They will no longer serve cokes at football games, and will offer  healthier options to eat like...are ya ready? Hummus and vegetables! Hey, don't get me w…
A Six Year Old’s Scary But Sweet Birthday Cake
I've heard of Super Hero and Barbie birthday cakes. I even found a cake that looked like a hamburger for my husband a few years back, but what happens when you have a little girl who wants a snake cake and her mother is a professional cake maker? Well, ya make a snake cake!
West Nile Virus: What You Need to Know
This summer the West Nile Virus is back with a vengeance in Texas. It's all over the news and the Mayor of Dallas has declared a state of emergency in the city.  There have been 700 cases of the virus across the country with 25 percent of them in the Dallas area.

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