10 Things You Don’t Know About Chicago
When making travel plans to head to a thriving metropolis, most folks I talk to want to visit either New York, Miami or Los Angeles. For those that already know and love Chicago, they appreciate how much the city has to offer. But no matter how well you think you know the Windy City, we have a hunch…
Five Of My Favorite Things To Do In Chicago [VIDEO]
Chicago is a metropolis like no other. Not only do they have amazing pizza and world-famous hot dogs on nearly every corner, but this city has tons of stuff to occupy your time without breaking the bank. That's one of the reasons you'll love taking a trip up to the Windy City!
All Aboard The Texas Eagle [VIDEO]
Americans have had a love affair with trains since 1826 when they watched England develop their rail system. By 1831, the first U.S. railroad, the Mohawk and Hudson, began operating. I can only imagine the excitement people had as they watched the huge steam locomotive charge down the tracks, plumes…