Jefferson Texas

Best Day Trips From Texarkana – Jefferson, Texas
Every once and a while it's good to just getaway for the day. One of my favorite places to go is historic Jefferson, Texas. This small town is best known for its bed and breakfast inns and is just a stone's throw away from Texarkana, straight down Highway 59. My wife ...
Is the Jefferson Hotel Really Haunted?
Before I even visited Jefferson, I heard strange reports about what some call the most haunted town in Texas. Many of the ghost stories I heard, however, originate at one of the town’s oldest structures, the Jefferson Hotel.
Are You Afraid of The Dark? [VIDEO]
Are you afraid of the dark? Do you sleep with the light on for fear of what might be lurking in the dark? Well, Kicker 102.5 wants to make you shiver and scream this Halloween season.
A Nice Relaxing Weekend is Just a Short Drive Away
This past weekend my wife and I decided we wanted to get out of town for a night. We had no desire to take a long trip, we weren't interested in trying our luck at the slots in Shreveport or fighting traffic in Dallas, we just wanted to relax.