John Rich

John Rich Kicked Off Flight for Being Drunk
John Rich boarded a 10:50AM flight home to Nashville on Sunday but was reportedly declared too drunk to fly. Southwest Airlines personnel removed him from the plane and offered a later flight, but Rich chose to make his own travel arrangements.
Country Stars Speak Out On Casey Anthony
By now everyone knows that Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY for the death of her her 2 year old daughter Caylee. Leading up to the shocking verdict it reminded of the O.J. Simpson trial when everyone at work was gathered around the TV to see what the final verdict would be.
John Rich Wins Celebrity Apprentice!
Did you watch Celebrity Apprentice last night? I was happy to see country star John Rich be named the new Celebrity Apprentice by The Donald. Nobody deserved to lose last night and I thought Donald Trump did the right thing by not firing Marlee who showed her fight all the way to the end for her fav…
John Rich Makes it To Final Celebrity Apprentice
I've been watching Celebrity Apprentice since the season began, and I'm not surprised at all that country star John Rich has it made it to the finals. He has handled himself with dignity, grace, and most of all class in getting to the finals.

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