Celebrating Earth Day [VIDEO]
Heard Jim and Lisa on the morning show talking about whether or not you celebrate Earth Day. The verdict is still out on this one, some do, some don't, from the responses gathered on facebook.
NASA Says We’ll be O.K. in 2012
Welcome to 2012!  Of course to bring in the new year, my husband and I watched the movie 2012. Yikes! We've all heard about the Mayan calendar predictions of a solar shift that will cause planets to collide and if that didn't kill us, we would experience violent earthquakes bringing o…
NASA Releases Video of Solar Flare Erupting On The Sun [Video]
NASA has released video of a solar flare that occurred on June 7th.
The massive flare mushroomed up and fell back down appearing to cover almost half the suns surface.
Government officials warn that the flare could cause communication, satellite and power disruptions on earth over the next few days…
Space Shuttle Makes History [VIDEO]
I've always been intrigued by the space shuttle, it's one thing to watch the launch from the ground, but what does it look like if your in a passenger in a jet airliner and your already above the clouds?