Do You Know About The December Tax Deal?
At the end of last year, the President signed a law that kept middle-class tax cuts from expiring - preventing the typical working family from facing a tax increase - and extended unemployment insurance to ensure at least 7 million Americans don't lose their benefits as they search for jobs.
Donald Trump For President?
Donald Trump is considering running for the Republican Nomination to challenge President Obama in 2012.  He has said he will decide by June if he's going to enter the race. He's been hinting around for awhile he may enter the race, but now it looks like he's actually serious abou…
Is This Freedom of Speech or Not?
On January 6th, during a symbolic reading of the Constitution in the US House of Representatives, a woman in the gallery shouted "Except Obama" after the part where the Constitution says that the President must be a "natural born Citizen".