Small Town Tour

KKYR's Small Town Tour introduces the people, places and events that demonstrate how Americans live large in some of our tiniest communities.

Eating Is Easy at the Redwater Diner
In a town with just over a thousand residents, dining options will never be plentiful. But if there’s a place that serves up delicious eats and home baked treats, one can be the perfect number.
Who Is the Most (In)Famous Family in Texas?
As we’ve visited various communities on our small town tour, we’ve introduced you to some of the founding fathers who first settled the region. Cities and towns have been named after many of them, and yet these people have been largely unknown to many despite the fact that their family members’ hist…
Volunteer Firefighters Brave the Fire in Parker, Texas
The ranch is eerily quiet and horridly hot, even if it is after midnight on an August night. Suddenly the silence is shattered by the sounds of nervous livestock, fighting to get free from the restraints of the barn walls. Looking out the window, your heart stops as flames leap in the distance, gain…
The Origin of Dalby Springs
American History courses usually cover states and events in broad strokes, hitting only the highlights. But much of our nation’s history is born in little towns by “average” folks most of us have never heard of. When we dig a little deeper though, we quick…
Faith Runs Deep at Dalby Springs
As I’ve traveled across the Ark-La-Tex, it is increasingly evident how important religion and God are in the lives of local residents. This is also true in a little community called Dalby Springs, just 11 miles south of Dekalb on the western side of Bowie County.
7 Things You Never Knew About the Hooks Family Tree
Historical facts frequently get lost over time. But thanks to the extensive records kept at the genealogy section of the Hooks Public Library, I discovered some fascinating facts about the Hooks family tree and the small town’s humble beginnings.

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