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Four Monuments That Represent a Little Texarkana History
Every town in America has its fair share of historical markers, statues and monuments that represent the past history of the area. Texarkana has several of these historical markers that we see in passing each day and may take for granted in our city. Most of these iconic symbols are located in the d…
Texarkana’s Pulitzer Prize Winner: Did You Know?
This past week the winners of The 2012 Pulitzer Prize were announced. This is a prestigious award given here in the United States for journalism, literature and musical composition. I knew about the journalism and literature. I've also gone to see the Pulitzer Prize photography exhibit before, when …
A Little Texarkana History
Many of you know this is my hometown, this is where I grew up and first got my start in radio. Back in those days AM radio ruled the airwaves.