What Will Extreme Sports Look Like In 100 Years?
Extreme Sports are quickly taking over the "leisure" activity world. Remember when snow skiing used to be kind of extreme? Kind of dangerous? Or things like motocross, or maybe sky diving? Simple things like that are not considered extreme anymore. Now they strap on a wing suit and fly as …
Keeping Cool in The Summer in The ’70s [VIDEOS]
Yep, I grew up in the '70s and boy have times changed! Today kids are inside on their phones or iPads. But, when I was a kid, on a hot summer day you could find me and my friends playing in the back yard. I had a Water Wiggle and a friend of mine had a Slip 'N Slide.
Mario’s Weekend Movie Roundup [VIDEO]
It may be the end of July but the movie box office is still heating up with the arrival of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation starring Tom Cruise. And Ed Helms tries to keep the Griswold family tradition alive by taking his family on a road trip they will never forget in Vacation. So grab the popcorn …

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