TXK Today recently visited the Texarkana Self Defense Training Center on Kings Highway and did a really nice post... was a little nervous with all of those cameras around, but take a look.

Field Walsh stopped by to check out the Krav Maga Basics class at Texarkana Self Defense and share our story on TXK Today. We had a lot of fun during his visit. He spoke to Sifu Rick Haggins about our Kajukembo program and especially the advantages for youngsters joining our Kempo Kidz program. He spoke to Ms. Ashley that is still putting in work to improve and get her life back after a horrific car accident. All in all, it was a lot of fun, and having all of those cameras around was awesome.

(Wait until we add the "outtakes" to our videos on the Facebook page.)

We truly appreciate Field Walsh for spotlighting what we do, and spreading the message that there are great programs available in our area to help keep you and yours safe. We encourage you to contact TXKToday.com to spotlight your hobby or business.

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