A New Hampshire woman has been reunited with her cat after the feline traveled six miles from an Animal League Shelter to return home.


Barbara Oliphant had been caring for the cat, which she named 'Wollie', last summer. When her husband suffered a stroke, she felt she could no longer tend to it so she turned it over to the Animal League of New Hampshire about six miles away.

As her husband began to improve, her daughter decided to surprise her by adopting Wollie from the shelter, but Wollie escaped in the parking lot of the shelter before she could deliver the cat to her mother. Lo and behold, 3 days later the cat showed back up at Mrs Oliphant's home. He was tired and hungry, but otherwise in good health.

I can actually think of three different instances where our animals have returned home. When I was growing up, we lived roughly five miles from my grandparents. Twice our dog "Speck" made the trip back from grandma's house. Our cat 'Charcoal' also made that trek once after we had left him there while going out of town. Have you ever had a pet return home from a long distance? Tell us about it below in the comments section!