My life seems to be one big list of projects to complete. The RV remodel still isn't finished, house needs work, boat needs repaired, ugh. I HAVE to get organized and finish some of these projects!

Between now and next spring, I am determined to finish the vast majority of these projects. But where do I start? Which ones are a priority and which ones really aren't that important?

Sometimes, it's overwhelming when I stop and think about all of the projects I need to finish. I am so A.D.D. that I have a hard time focusing on any one thing. Usually when I'm working on one project, my mind keeps going back to another project that needs finished as well. I also have a hard time saying no when asked to help others with their projects, so that takes away time for working on my own projects... Ugh. I need help!

I've been researching ways to better organize my projects and I wanted to share what I've come up with. So far, this is really helping me focus in more on what needs to be done to get these projects finished.

I have started a project journal, which I'm hopeful will help me get a little more organized. (My journal is kept as a Word document, since some things need to be updated regularly and I'm not the best at handwriting. )

I started by compiling a list of all of the projects I need to complete.

  • Finish RV Remodel
  • Repair boat floor
  • Trim in bathroom
  • Etc, etc

Then, on a scale of 1-5 (one being the most important, five being the least), I ranked each project by their level of importance (soliciting input from family members is key for this step).

Next, I gave each project a price ranking  (1 = major expensive, 2 = moderate expense, 3 = minor expense). What's "major" and what's "minor" varies by your family budget.

Finally, I ranked each project on a scale of 1-4 by how much time I thought each one would take (1 = One month or longer, 2 = Less than a month. More than a week, 3 = A week or less. 4 = One day or less)

Once I compiled my master list and ranked each item, I created a different file for each project so I could break each one down into more specific details.

For each project, I listed every detail I could think of. I made a checklist of the steps required to complete the project in the order I felt I needed to complete them. I set a target date for finishing each step of the project and compiled a list of costs associated so I could have a pretty good idea of how much money the project is going to cost me (and could budget each step of the project).

Now that I have my master list compiled and I've detailed each project, I'm ready to get started. The first project I'm going to tackle is also the most expensive and time consuming one, but it's a project that has sat unfinished for two years and I'm determined to "get er dun!". I'm remodeling a 96' Damon RV and if all goes according to my project journal, by spring I plan on having it out at the lake again.


Now if I could just find my tape measure... maybe it's time for a tool inventory list as well!


Have you found a good way to organize your projects? Please share!!