Peyton Manning recently ate at the Angus Barn in Raleigh, North Carolina and left a generous tip for the waiter. The waiter posted a copy of the credit card receipt online and has now joined the ranks of the unemployed as a result of it.

I certainly don't blame the waiter for wanting to brag about serving an NFL icon and showing off the large tip he received ($200.00 on TOP of the 18% tip already added onto the bill.. which comes out to close to a 50% tip.. take that Tim Tebow!!). But, rules are rules and he violated the company's privacy policy. The Angus Barn serves all types of celebrities and their policies strictly state that their guests private dining experiences stay private. The owner says she is going to personally call Peyton to apologize.

Meanwhile, Manning is being hounded by reporters in Miami (he owns a house in). He recently had to pull his car over to ask reporters to stop following him and leave him alone while he figures things out. I hope the media down there doesn't ruin the Dolphins chances to sign him.